What is the difference between plastic and aesthetic surgery?

Plastic surgery is a medical field that deals with reconstructive, aesthetic and hand surgery. The word “plastic” originates from the Greek word “plastikos”, which means “to shape” or “to give shape”.

With the help of reconstructive surgery, body functions are restored, as are outer appearances in the case of illnesses, trauma or accidents. Aesthetic surgery deals with improvement of body shape for aesthetic or beauty purposes.

Why are consultations necessary if I can read all the most important facts about the surgeries on the home page?

Every client and every surgery are very unique. During the consultation process, the client has the opportunity to discuss his or her desires and needs with the surgeon, but the surgeon can advise and apply the most appropriate methods, taking into consideration the client’s individual physical features. At the consultations, the client can learn of the most detailed and personal nuances related to the planned surgery and the possible result, as well as receive answers to important questions.
Sometimes consultations make the client rethink the necessity of surgery and possibly refuse the surgery.
For many clients, a personal meeting with the surgeon gives an additional feeling of safety. If the client is sure that the surgery is truly necessary and the doctor has approved his or her choice, the date of the planned surgery can be discussed at the consultation.

Does the surgeon take responsibility for the result of the surgery?

During the consultation, the surgeon evaluates the client’s desires and their conformity to the actual possibilities. If the doctor doubts a good outcome for the surgery, he informs the client and advises safer, more appropriate methods. If the doctor is not certain of good result for the surgery, but the client is persistent, the surgeon has the right to refuse the surgery.
Great surgery results are equally important to both the client and the surgeon. Every surgery characterises the quality of a surgeon’s work and builds his reputation. Clients can be sure that the surgeon will employ all his skills and mastery to achieve the best result.
The Private Hospital Adazi is home to practicing surgeons who are certified, highly qualified and have many years of diverse working experience. They have no history of surgeries that are low-quality, superficial surgeries or carried out with uncertainty.
The Private Hospital Adazi Specialists provide professional customer care and consultations throughout the entire recovery period. If necessary, additional cosmetic corrections are carried out after the surgery. The doctors of the Private Hospital Adazi are always available and responsive to their clients.

What are the most common surgeries carried out at the Private Hospital Adazi?

The most demanded and therefore most often performed surgeries are breast augmentation and breast reshaping surgeries, followed by various facial surgeries – eyelid correction, cosmetic injections for rejuvenating facial skin and nose and ear reshaping surgeries. Abdominal plastics and liposuction are the most popular procedures among body surgeries.

Is the effect after liposuction instantly visible? What are the possible side effects?

Liposuction or lipectomy has gained huge popularity around the world, as it provides an instant and apparent lifelong effect. This is because the liquidated fat cells do not regenerate.

The body areas improved after liposuction may be slightly tender, but the pain is minimal and can be eliminated with the help of over-the-counter pain medication.. After the surgery, slight oedema and haemorrhages may be observed in the form of bruises, which are reabsorbed and disappear within seven to ten days.

To achieve a good cosmetic effect sooner, it is recommended to wear tight clothing for about one month after liposuction surgery to decrease tissue oedema.

Do breasts look natural after implants have been inserted?

A natural look can be achieved with implants of a moderate size. If the client is willing to enlarge the smallest breasts using the largest implants, then the effect will be also apparent to strangers.
Depending on the natural shape and size of the breasts, the plastic surgeon will recommend the most appropriate types of implants to provide a natural look for the breasts, as well as to achieve a positive well-being and avoid undesirable side effects. Taking into consideration the advice of the surgeon, a completely natural look of breasts can be achieved.

Is there a risk of a breast implant “dislocating” or bursting?

Breast implants have a special safety layer that protects them from bursting. In the many years of practice, there have been no reported cases of burst implants.
During surgery, the implant is firmly secured under the breast muscle or mammary gland and cannot become “dislocated” or slide out by itself.
At the beginning of the recovery period, especially during physical activities that include sharp, upward hand movements, there can be a sensation as if the implant is moving slightly or a feeling of discomfort. This feeling can persist until the client is fully accustomed to the implants.

Are there any restrictions after the breast augmentation surgery?

To achieve a better cosmetic effect, it is advised to wear a special bra for one month after the surgery that fixes the breast shape.
After breast surgery, it is advised to limit physical activities that incorporate excess strain on the pectoral muscles, such as swimming, rowing or tennis. Activity can be increased gradually according to how the client feels. There have also been cases in practice when the client has felt well enough to actively swim or row the following day after removing stitches.