Hand surgery is one of the finest and most precise plastic surgery specialities, as many fine and complicated structures are located in the hand – nerves, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and muscles that are interrelated and ensure the functions of the hand. Hand surgery employs a microsurgery method, wherein the surgery is carried out under optical magnification using especially fine instruments.

Hand surgery is done to eliminate congenital defects or development anomalies, hand dysfunctions caused by illnesses, consequences of hand trauma, tendon, nerve, blood vessel or joint damage or in case of burns, as well as different hand nerve dysfunctions – such as hand tingling.

It is also possible to surgically restore the sensitivity and functions of the palm.

Hand surgeries are carried out under local or general anaesthesia. The patient must remain in hospital medical care for 1 day.

Sometimes patients require special care and professional supplementary products to fully restoring hand movements.

Private Hospital Adazi specialists provide professional patient care and consultations until full recovery is reached.