Plastic breast surgeries include breast augmentation, reduction, reshaping and implant removal. You can find out more about all of our offered breast surgeries with the help of the interactive surgery map below:

Plastic breast surgeries are the most effective way to improve breast shape, achieve the desired breast size, restore breast firmness after breastfeeding, weight loss or as a result of ageing with modern methods, as well as to perform cosmetic corrections in case of asymmetrical breasts or other obstructive anatomical features and to prevent injury or illness related defects.

Based on the client’s wishes and individual physical features, plastic surgery specialists will suggest the most suitable breast surgery methods and implant types for achieving the best result possible.

All breast surgeries

plastic surgeons dr. Talivaldis Krumins and Dr. Janis Zarzeckis

The Centre of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is the private practice of Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Janis Zarzeckis and Dr. Talivaldis Krumins, where high-quality services are provided in aesthetic, reconstructive and hand surgery.