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Breast augmentation or mammoplasty is the most popular plastic surgery manipulation in the world. Beautiful and shapely breasts are the dream of almost every woman. However, not all women succeed in reaching this objective. Breastfeeding, rapid weight loss, hormonal disorders or simply underdeveloped breasts are the most frequent reasons why women opt for breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation surgery is performed to improve the shape of breasts and achieve the desired volume of breasts.

Dr. Janis Zarzeckis in total has done around 2000 successful breast augmentation operations!

How to choose an appropriate type of breast implants?

Special implants filled with cohesive silicone gel, which does not leak even after the rupture of the implant shell and, therefore, cannot harm the health of the patient, are used for breast augmentation. During plastic surgery they are placed under the mammary gland or under a muscle.

Breast implants are made of special hypoallergic material and are completely compatible with the patient’s tissue. They are gentle, homogeneous and retain the initial shape over time. The most popular types of implants are silicone or saline implants. Depending on the wishes of the patient and the result to be reached, the best and most appropriate option will be selected. Saline implants consist of a silicone shell, which is empty inside. After insertion they are filled with sterile saline solution. This is convenient, because the incision wound is almost invisible. However, silicone breast implants are gaining popularity and are currently the most commonly used implants.

Breast implants differ in terms of shape, volume and size, which allows adaptation of the implants to best suit every customer, depending on their desires and individual physical characteristics, as well as keeping the objective of reaching the desired effect and best result in mind. Two types of breast implants are available – round, or anatomical or teardrop shaped implants. Round implants have the highest elevation in the middle, irrespective of whether you look from the front or from the side. The elevation of anatomical implants is shifted downwards if looking from the side, which resembles the shape of a teardrop, and they look elongated from the front as well. A more natural effect is achieved by using anatomical implants, since they bear a closer resemblance to the natural shape of the breast, meanwhile round implants will be more suitable for women, who wish to have a more expressive and shapely décolleté.

However, it is not only the shape of implant that affects the end result. The selected volume, size and elevation of the implant will also affect the result. The larger the volume and elevation of the implant, the bigger the visual size of the breast.

How is the choice of implant made?

During consultations the patient tells the plastic surgeon about the desired result of operation and the size of the breasts. Meanwhile the surgeon evaluates the natural breasts of the patient and anatomical characteristics thereof. With consideration of different factors, for instance, skin elasticity, size of natural breasts, width of the chest, etc., the physician will recommend the best solutions and types of implants.

Advantages of silicone implants

No better alternative to silicone has been discovered to date. Silicone is widely used in different sectors of medicine – not only in plastic and aesthetic, but also reconstructive surgery. Nowadays, silicone implants are more popular than saline implants. In comparison with saline breast implants, silicone implants completely retain their volume over the lifetime of a person; furthermore, they are considerably gentler and more homogeneous. After implantation, the amount of scar tissue is considerably lower, they look better and feel more convenient and light.

Medical research that has been conducted to date bears evidence that, despite multiple popular myths about so-called “silicone breasts”, breast implants filled with silicone gel do not cause allergies or promote the development of tumours, and they do not affect the health of a woman, pregnancy or breastfeeding of a child. Therefore they can be used by women, who have not been pregnant. The milk ducts and nipples are not traumatised during the operation.

Price for breast augmentation starts from 4200 Eur.

Do breasts look natural after inserting implants?

The breasts will look more natural, if the size of implant is not exaggerated during the augmentation procedure. If you wish to augment a breast of the smallest size with an implant of the largest size, the effect will be obvious even for non-professionals.

Depending on the natural shape and size of the breast, the plastic surgeon will recommend the most appropriate types of implants to ensure the natural appearance of the breasts and excellent wellbeing, as well as to avoid undesirable adverse effects. Considering the recommendations of the surgeons, a completely natural appearance of the breasts can be achieved.

Should I be worried after inserting the breast implants that they might move out of place or tear?

Breast implants have a special, safe protective shell that protects them from rupturing. Over the years of our practice, we have not encountered reports of a ruptured implant.

The implant is securely fixed under the breast muscle or mammary gland during the surgery and it cannot move or slip from its place itself.

At the beginning of the recovery period, especially during physical activities with fast movement with hands raised in an upward manner, a feeling might occur that the implant is slightly moving or poses a disturbance, this sensation can exist until the client has fully grown accustomed to the implants.

Process of the breast augmentation surgery

The plastic operation of breast augmentation is performed under general anaesthesia and is, therefore, painless. After the operation, the customer is required to stay at the clinic under the supervision of medics for 1 day. During the performance of the breast augmentation operation, the incision lines are made under the breast, around the nipple or in the armpit – places, where the scars will be less conspicuous. The wounds heal within 1-2 weeks and the scars are usually inconspicuous. To achieve a better cosmetic effect, wearing of a specialised post-surgical bra is recommended for one month after the operation. This helps to improve the shape of the breast and to reduce the potential oedema.

Like in the event of any other surgical intervention, the customer should abstain from additional physical exertion, raising their hands up, use of fermented drinks and visiting a sauna or a bath after the breast augmentation operation. However, as soon as in a couple of weeks, the customer may return to their usual lifestyle.

Why private hospital Adazi?

Beautiful and expressive breasts help any woman to feel more feminine and more confident in herself and to feel comfortable and beautiful in any type of clothing and life situation. The specialists at private hospital Adazi provide professional patient care and consultations until full recovery. We operate only with world-renowned and certified materials. The surgeons of the clinic have more than 30 years of experience in performing such surgeries which gives hope of the best result achievable and will not disappoint you.

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