Breast surgeries


Shapely and beautiful breasts help a woman feel more beautiful and feminine. However, sometimes large breasts may cause more problems than joy. Breast reduction is performed in order to prevent the discomfort caused by overly large and heavy breasts.

In which cases is breast reduction recommended?

Breasts that are too large and too heavy often cause an array of various problems. Among them are psychological problems, for example, insecurities and not believing in oneself, and physical ones, like, over time breasts that are too large cause a deformation of the backbone and shoulders, back pain, posture defects etc. Moreover, large breasts immensely restrict the clothing options of a woman and sometimes looks disproportional if a woman is of a smaller and shorter build. The surgery is recommended if the woman experiences restricted movements, physical activities or pain in the shoulder, back or neck area has appeared due to the large breast size.

Price for breast reduction is 4800 - 5800 Eur.

Process of the breast reduction surgery

The volume of the breast gland is reduced, excess skin is tightened, and proportionally sized breasts are created during the plastic surgery. During the breast reduction surgery one incision is performed around the breast areola, the next one — in a vertical manner down from the areola until the underbreast crease and, if necessary, a third incision is made under the breast where it perfectly fits into the natural underbreast crease.

The surgery is better suggested to be performed on women who have already given birth. It is possible to reduce the size of any type of breasts, no matter their size or the woman’s age. Plastic surgery for breast reduction is performed with a general anaesthesia and is completely pain-free. The post-surgery period is not difficult, and a positive effect is visible immediately after surgery. The patient feels freer, and back pain has immensely decreased. 24 hours should be spent at the hospital under the supervision of medics. Wounds heal in one to two weeks and scars are almost unnoticeable.

Why private hospital Adazi?

In situations when breasts that are too large cause an emotional and physical discomfort for a woman, a breast reduction surgery can help improve a woman’s daily life and free her from the results caused by the weight of breasts. The specialists at private hospital Adazi have more than 30 years of experience exactly in these types of surgeries; this ensures professional patient care and consultations until full recovery and gives hope to achieving the best possible results which will surely not leave you disappointed.

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plastic surgeons dr. Talivaldis Krumins and Dr. Janis Zarzeckis

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