Breast surgeries


Beautiful and expressive breasts help almost any woman to feel more feminine and more confident in any type of life situation. However, if nature has gifted a woman with large and shapely breasts, they might lose their firmness over the course of life due to various reasons. This might be a result of many reasons — breastfeeding, rapid weight loss, hormonal problems, natural breasts that are too large etc.

What is breast reshaping?

Breast reshaping or mastopexy is performed to restore the firmness of the skin on breasts, to improve the breast shape, lift saggy breasts or correct genetic breast asymmetry. During the breast reshaping process, the saggy skin is tightened, the natural form and firmness of the breast is restored, the breasts are lifted in a higher position. Together with the breast lifting surgery, implants can be inserted to improve the volume and fullness of breasts.

Price for breast reshaping is 5000 - 5800 Eur.

Process of the procedure

The most appropriate type of incision is chosen based on the level of breast sagginess, individual physical features of the patient and on the goal to achieve a maximum effect and make scars less noticeable. The following incision techniques are possible: one incision is performed around the breast areola, the next one — in a vertical manner down from the areola until the underbreast crease and, if necessary, a third incision is made under the breast where it perfectly fits into the natural underbreast crease. When the excess skin is tightened and the desirable shape is achieved, the breast areola and nipple naturally stand at a higher position.

The breast plastic surgery does not affect a woman’s health, pregnancy and breastfeeding — the milk gland ducts and nipples are not harmed during the surgery. This is the reason why breast reshaping can be performed on women .who have and who have not given birth. With the help of the surgery, it is possible to lift and correct breasts of any size. Breast reshaping and breast reshaping is performed with a general anaesthesia and is completely painless. 24 hours shoulder spent at the hospital under the supervision of medics.

After the breast reshaping surgery

Wounds heal within 1-2 weeks. The result remains long-term, but it can be negatively affected by breastfeeding. After surgery, it is recommended to wear a special post-surgery bra. It helps to improve the cosmetic effect, reduce swelling and improve breast shape. However, it should be noted that even though cosmetic stitches are used, the surgery leaves line-like scars which are not possible to remove.

Why private hospital Adazi?

Mastopexy or breast reshaping is an up-to-date plastic surgery that will help any woman to feel more confident, more beautiful and feminine.

The specialists at private hospital Adazi have more than 30 years of experience exactly in these types of surgeries; this ensures professional patient care and consultations until full recovery and gives hope to achieving the best possible results which will surely not leave you disappointed.

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