Breast surgeries


Breasts are a part of the body that makes a woman feel beautiful and feminine. Precisely for this reason, many women opt for breast augmentation and inserting breast implants. Generally, most women who have gone through a breast augmentation procedure, are fully satisfied with the result of the surgery. Though, there are some cases when a woman wishes to remove the breast implants or exchange them for different ones. In these cases, implant removal is performed.

Reasons for implant removal

In rare cases, the reasoning behind implant removal may be of medical nature, for example, breast cell inflammation has appeared after whose treatment the implants can be inserted back, or if mammaplasty has been performed by an inexperienced specialist or at a clinic where hygiene requirements were not followed, or low-quality materials were used. A more common reason for implant removal is related to changing the size of the breast implant. If a woman already has breast implants inserted, but for some reason, she is not satisfied with their size, before inserting new implants the already inserted ones must the removed.

Price for implant removal is 2500 Eur.

Process of the procedure

The implant removal surgery is not complicated. The surgery usually takes no longer than an hour. The incision line can be made on the previously created incision lines. That way, no new scars are created on the body. The implant removal plastic surgery is performed with a general anaesthesia and is not painful. 24 hours should be spent at the hospital under the supervision of medics. After the surgery, wounds heal within 1-2 weeks.

Why private hospital Adazi?

The specialists at private hospital Adazi have more than 30 years of experience exactly in these types of surgeries; this ensures professional patient care and consultations until full recovery and gives hope to achieving the best result possible. We operate only with world-renowned and certified materials, providing you with a high-quality guarantee and effective results which will not leave you disappointed.

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