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Birthmarks are definitely parts of the human body, which should be paid special attention to. Changes in colors, shape of size thereof may indicate on serious illnesses. Therefore, regular check-up with the doctor should be conducted. Frequently, due to various reasons, doctor recommends to “remove” any of the birthmarks. Removal of birthmarks is usually performed to prevent cosmetic defects caused by birthmarks, as well as to eliminate the disturbing birthmarks and birthmarks, which are harmful to health.

When should birthmarks be eliminated?

Birthmarks are recommended to be removed, when they are located at the body areas, which are frequently touched and subjected to rubbing, where they may be easily injured and subjected to irritation risk, for example, on the back. The same applies to the cases, when birthmark has changed colour, shape, relief and size, which may indicate on appearance of health problems, therefore, liquidation of such birthmarks is recommended.

Price for removal of birthmarks is 150 Eur.

How is removal of birthmarks performed?

Prior to the procedure, specialists will determine type of birthmark, perform laboratory examination and analyses, as well as diagnose the possible risks. The safest method of removal of birthmarks is surgery or excision. This is the best and most efficient solution for removal of birthmarks, since birthmark is fully cut out and sent for microanatomical examination. This is completely pain-free procedure, since it is performed under local anaesthesia, thus making numb only the areas affected during the surgery. During the procedure, the affected area is processed by subcutaneous cosmetic stitches, which are removed after 7–9 days. As the scrab disappears, skin fully heals within 1–2 weeks leaving no scars.

After removal of birthmarks

Post-surgery period is not complicated – patient can go home right after the surgery. There is no need to stay at the clinic. After the surgery, the patient is obliged to carefully follow the surgeon’s recommendations, wound may not be traumatised, and no treatment with any cosmetic products, including make-up, is recommended up to the moment of complete healing.

Why exactly “Ādažu privātslimnīca?”

Specialists of Ādaži private clinic provide professional care of patients, consultations up to the moment of complete recovery and give hope for the best and most effective result, which definitely won’t disappoint you!

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plastic surgeons dr. Talivaldis Krumins and Dr. Janis Zarzeckis

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