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Collagen is protein, which is produced by the body. It is very important, since its main function is to protect skin and take care of its flexibility. However, as time goes by, body gradually suspends production of collagen, thus leading to loss of the skin tonus and firmness. First signs of ageing set in – wrinkles, “crow’s feet”, slid corners of the mouth, different shape of the face etc. Collagen injections is an effective and safe method by which it is possible to temporarily prevent signs of ageing of facial skin, to level wrinkles and folds, thus making the skin smoother and younger. Collagen injections affect the fibroblasts in skin and stimulates production of natural collagen.

Collagen injections are performed by injecting very precisely and in small doses in the relevant areas collagen or gel substance – restylane. This helps filling the undesirable wrinkles and folds levelling facial skin effectively and within short time.

Conduct of procedure

Collagen injection is performed by using a very fine micro-needle, which causes pain equal to a sting of an insect. Therefore, this procedure is not painful and requires no anaesthesia. Procedure lasts 20–30 minutes, and effect is obvious right after the injection. After the procedure, customer may attend festive events or proceed with his/her daily routine. Collagen injections do not cause any side effects and leave no trail of injections. Effect lasts for 6–12 months, while collagen is fully absorbed to the body. After this time, the procedure requires repeating. Sometimes the tissues filled by collagen preserves their shape, and new wrinkles do not form.

Why exactly “Ādažu privātslimnīca”?

Timely performed collagen injections significantly retards ageing of skin and helps the individual look as young as he/she actually feels. Staff of Ādaži private clinic provides individual approach to every customer and gives hope for the best and most effective result, which definitely won’t disappoint you!

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plastic surgeons dr. Talivaldis Krumins and Dr. Janis Zarzeckis

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