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First signs of ageing significantly affect human skin – it becomes less flexible, first wrinkles and folds appear, shape of the face changes, but corners of lips and eyes slide down. Fat cell transplantation or lipofilling is a modern and safe method for quick and efficient levelling of wrinkles caused due to skin ageing and folds, elimination of crow’s feet, rejuvenation of shape and lost volume of the face, and for making facial skin smoother and younger.

Fatty tissue is completely natural and great material for filling the soft tissues, which is effectively used for levelling mimicry wrinkles, usual wrinkles and deeper skin folds and scars.

Price for fat cell transplantation is 2000 - 5000 Eur.

How is the fat cell transplantation performed?

During the procedure, fat cells are taken from one body area and injected in the area provided for improvement. Necessary fatty tissue may be obtained also through the procedure of fat suction or abdominoplasty by using abdomen, thighs or other parts of the body as “fat donors”. More information on fat suction is available here. Since fatty tissue is taken from the customer’s own body, previous examinations are not necessary, and body does not use to reject it.

Procedure is performed under local and sedative anaesthesia, thus making the areas affected by the procedure numb. Therefore, fat reinjection is completely pain-free procedure. Fatty tissue transplantation lasts approximately 1 hour, and the patient may go home after a little rest on the same day. After the surgery, haemorrhages and oedema may appear. They fully disappear within 2 weeks. Effect of fatty tissue injection is long-lasting.

Why exactly “Ādažu privātslimnīca”?

Specialists working at Ādaži private clinic have experience in such kind of surgeries exceeding 20 years, and this gives hope for the most efficient outcome, which definitely won’t disappoint you!

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plastic surgeons dr. Talivaldis Krumins and Dr. Janis Zarzeckis

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