Facial surgery


During a human life, facial and neck skin undergoes constant changes. Usually, these changes are stipulated by ageing. Over the years, soft tissue and adipose slide downwards, thus, facial and neck skin loses its flexibility. This, in its turn, facilitate changes in facial skin oval lines, and skin is no longer as firm as it was before. First signs of ageing and wrinkles appear. Modern and effective solution is able for this situation – facelift.

What is facelift?

Facelift (facial skin tensioning or facial skin lifting) is performed during the surgery. During the facial lifting, surgeon tensions facial, cheek and neck skin, eliminates spare skin folds and subcutaneous fat layer, lifts the slid facial and neck muscles, as well as improves the supporting system. These actions result in smoother and “fresher” features, and firmer and more flexible skin. Wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead are levelled, and you look as young and attractive as you feel again.

Price for facelift is 5000 - 5600 Eur. Forehead lift 1500 Eur.

Conduct of facelift surgery

During facelift surgery, cuts are made in the hairy part of the head around the ears, therefore, scars are not noticeable. Facial and neck skin plastic surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and causes no pain.

After the facelift surgery

It should be taken into account that massive haemorrhages and oedema are possible in the face after the facelift surgery. They will completely disappear during approximately 2 weeks. Usually, post-surgery period is not complicated. Staying at the in-patient hospital under the supervision of physicians is required for 24 hours, and thread removal at the clinic is required one week later. Post-surgical effect remains for approximately 7–10 years.

Why exactly “Ādažu privātslimnīca”?

Facelift is a unique and modern surgery, by the help of which you can successfully rejuvenate freshness and attractiveness of your skin, thus saying “no” to ageing. Specialists working at Ādaži private clinic have experience in such kind of surgeries exceeding 30 years. This provides professional customer care and consultations up to the moment of full recovery, as well as gives hope for the best possible outcome, which definitely won’t disappoint you.

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plastic surgeons dr. Talivaldis Krumins and Dr. Janis Zarzeckis

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