Carpal canal, Dupuytren's contracture, and other hand surgery can be done through a state-funded program. The cost of the surgery does not exceed 40 euros!

Hand surgeries include the carpal tunnel surgery, the stenosing ligamentitis surgery and the Dupuytren’s contracture surgery. You can read about all of hand surgeries we offer on the interactive chart below:

Hand surgery is one of the finest and most responsible specialties of plastic surgery, because there are many small and complex structures in the hand – nerves, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and muscles that are interconnected and provide hand functions. The hand surgery uses the microsurgery technique, where the surgery is performed under optical magnification with ultra-fine instruments.

The hand surgery is used to prevent congenital defects or developmental abnormalities, disease-related hand dysfunction, hand trauma, tendon, nerve, vascular and joint damage and burn effects, and various hand nervous system disorders, such as hand numbness.

Surgery can also restore palm sensitivity and function.

All hand surgeries

plastic surgeons dr. Talivaldis Krumins and Dr. Janis Zarzeckis

The Centre of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is the private practice of Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Janis Zarzeckis and Dr. Talivaldis Krumins, where high-quality services are provided in aesthetic, reconstructive and hand surgery.