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Dupuytren's contracture

Carpal canal, Dupuytren's contracture, and other hand surgery can be done through a state-funded program. The cost of the surgery does not exceed 40 euros!

The Dupuytren’s contracture, or the Dupuytren’s disease, or Viking disease, is a connective tissue disease of the hands. It was named in honor of surgeon Dupuytren, who was the first to describe the disease. Each person has a layer of connective tissue or fascia in the palm of your hand. It is through the fascia that the tissues of the wrist skin are separated from the nerves, tendons and blood vessels. The Dupuytren’s disease occurs when this layer of connective tissue thickens. At the site of thickening, nodules and skin tighten under the skin. As a result, a person shrinks and deforms his fingers, feels pain and is unable to move his fingers fully. The Dupuytren’s disease is considered to be genetically inherited, although there is no unequivocal view of its occurrence. The disease is predominantly males.

Treatment of the Dupuytren’s contracture

The Dupuytren’s disease causes a number of unpleasant symptoms, significantly complicates the patient’s daily routine, and significantly damages the visual appearance of the hand. Thanks to modern medicine, it is quite simply treated. However, in cases where the disease is progressing, the best solution will be the Dupuytren’s contraction surgery. During surgery, palmar aponeurosis (connective tissue layer or fascia) is carefully dissected.

After the Dupuytren’s contracture surgery

After surgery, the patient may need an additional rehabilitation period, which includes medical supervision, massages and special exercises. It is important to remember that the Dupuytren’s contraction is a disease that should definitely not be admitted. The sooner you go to the doctor, the easier the post-operative result will be.

Why exactly “Ādažu privātslimnīca”?

„Ādažu privātslimnīca” specialists have many years of experience in performing these types of surgery, providing professional patient care and counseling until complete recovery, and hoping for the best possible outcome that will certainly not disappoint you. Timely Dupuytren’s contracture surgery will provide a better solution and greatly alleviate the effects of the disease.

We work to minimise waiting time for the surgery.

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