Plastic surgery
in Latvia

Many patients now choose to travel for their cosmetic treatments in order to receive the best possible care and enjoy a quiet and anonymous recovery period. No longer are patients limited to their own country when looking for the most experienced doctors to meet their cosmetic needs. By seeking distant treatment, patients are able to enjoy the opportunity to see a new area as well as the privacy and anonymity to help fully recover without the stress of everyday life.

Why choose plastic surgery in Latvia?

Dr. Jānis Zaržeckis and his staff are dedicated to the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, and strive to offer the latest and most effective techniques backed by many years of experience. Dr. Zaržeckis active involvement in many professional organizations keeps him up to date on the latest procedures and offers him a wide range of resources. His knowledge and expertise attract patients from all over the world to come and seek treatment at our facilities.

After the surgery

Once surgery is completed, patients will see Dr. Zaržeckis the next day and then get plenty of rest at their nearby hotel. Another appointment is usually set for a few days later to follow-up with Dr. Zaržeckis. By this point, patients should be much more active and able to explore the area with their guests. Nearly all of our patients can return home after this with little to no complications.


We encourage patients to arrive at least 48 hours before surgery in order to meet with Dr. Zaržeckis, fill out paperwork and undergo any necessary tests prior to the procedure. An earlier face-to-face consultation is not necessary, as surgical plans and goals can be discussed over the phone or through email, and pictures and medical histories can be exchanged as well. Dr. Zaržeckis dedicates as much time needed to in-depth conversations with patients no matter where they are located. He is also available to answer any questions you may have before your trip. Transfer from the Riga International Airport to the clinic is available upon request.


We understand that planning a trip like this can seem overwhelming. Our staff can help you make your travel arrangements from start to finish. We can recommend several area hotels as well as local attractions for you and your guests to enjoy. Most patients stay for 7-10 days depending on their procedure. We also encourage our patients to travel with a friend or family member who will be able to care for you after surgery. Many of our patients use their surgery as an opportunity for their family to take a vacation as well.

We offer to choose airBaltic for your flight. AirBaltic offers special flight arrangements for Dr. Zaržeckis patients. For more details, please, contact Dr. Zaržeckis.