Private hospital

Private hospital Adazi is located near Riga, at the center of Adazi, and provide convenient and cosy environment for the customers to enjoy peace and rest. Arrangement of wards and professional care provided by the clinic staff make you feel like at a hotel.

Support to disabled persons for the receipt of the services provided by private hospital Adazi:

In order to provide the required assistance and support to disabled persons during the visit to the private clinic, call button is installed outside by the entrance door, after the signal of which member of our staff will meet the visitor. Further, clinic staff will provide all the required help and assistance throughout the visit. Wheelchair is also available at the private clinic, by which moving in the clinic and the adjacent territory for persons with reduced mobility is provided.

Single wards are equipped with beds, which may be conveniently adjusted to individual needs of each customer, as well as shower, toilet facilities and TV. Internet connection is also available in the wards.

At the customers’ request, double wards are also available, where customer may stay together with a kinsman, family member or friend.

Customers of private hospital Adazi are served healthy, delicious and high-value meals. Individual orders are available for special spoiling of customers.

For the safety of customers, nurse calling button, oxygen supply and, if necessary – possibility to connect any medical equipment right in the ward, are arranged by the bed at easy to reach position.

Patients may choose the most suitable time for manipulation.

Hospital offers the patient to freely choose both the physician, specialist providing the manipulation and anaesthetist, as well as guarantee that the chosen specialist will be available 24 hours a day, including weekends, one week after phone consulting, as well as home visit free of charge in cases of complications.

Clinic personnel consists of highly qualified physicians and doctors, which will provide individual approach, professional attitude and first-class care throughout the entire recovery period to each customer.

Address: Gaujas street 13/15, Adazi
Telephone: +371 67 997 898

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