Stenosing ligamentitis surgery

hand surgery Stenosing ligamentitissurgery Stenosing ligamentitis surgery and other hand surgery can be done through a state-funded program. The cost of the surgery does not exceed 40 euros! Stenosing ligamentitis, or inflammation of the tendons of the wrist, is also popularly known as “trigger finger”. The main symptoms of stenosing ligamentitis are finger pain, moving […]

Injections in the intimate area

Cosmetic injections Injections in the intimate area There are many different types of medical interventions in medicine and healthcare, including injections. These procedures are essential for diagnosing, treating or alleviating various health problems. One type of injection is the intimate area injection, which is administered to the external genitalia. Let’s look at the concept of […]

Chin correction

Facial surgery Chin correction Many people would like to change the appearance of their chin in order to gain facial proportion and confidence in their appearance. Chin surgery is a procedure that involves correcting the shape and size of the chin, usually through plastic surgery. Its shape and proportions can affect the harmony and balance […]

Face and neck skin rejuvenation

Facial surgery Face and neck skin rejuvenation During a human life, facial and neck skin undergoes constant changes. Usually, these changes are stipulated by ageing. Over the years, soft tissue and adipose slide downwards, thus, facial and neck skin loses its flexibility. This, in its turn, facilitate changes in facial skin oval lines, and skin […]

Lip augmentation

Facial surgery Lip augmentation To apply for a consultation and get answers to all your questions regarding lip augmentation, please click on the link provided HERE. Beautiful and full lips have always been considered to be one of the principal signs of beauty. Lips are an important and noticeable part of the face. And, definitely, […]

Lip reshaping

Facial surgery Lip reshaping Lips form a very important and observable part of the face. Voluminous and beautiful lips have always been considered as the main sign of beauty and aesthetics. However, not everyone has naturally beautiful and expressive lips. It may be corrected rather simply and quickly thanks to the modern aesthetic medicine. What […]